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Product Overview


Row Filler RF6H


These bottle fillers are made entirely of stainless steel, which makes them hygienic and easy to clean. They are ideal for filling hot fruit juices and alcoholic beverages such as Bottling wines, schnapps, liqueurs. Depending on the liquid and bottle size, up to approx. 600 liters can be filled per hour. By changing the rubber cone, bottles with twist-off closures can also be filled.


Functional description:


The buffer tank is filled with the medium to be bagged through the inflow tap and the inflow NW 25. The level display shows the fill level of the buffer tank. The cone of the filler valve is pushed upwards with the bottle opening and the bottle is filled immediately. Place the bottle in the bottle support. Take care to stand the bottle straight under the filler valve. Once the bottle is full, you can take it out the bottle support by lifting it up slightly.


Variants and Options:

RF Optionen Engl

item number designation
100-0010-0060 RF6
Option ID Designation
OPT-100062 Thermometer
OPT-100063 Rubber cone for 43/53 twist-off
OPT-100065 Stainless steel level switch 90° for side installation with extension socket 4 pol.
OPT-100072 Float valve made of stainless steel






Operating instructions





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