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Centrifugal Mill with interchangeable stainless steel sieve to adjust the fineness for pome fruit, stone fruit and berries. Optionally available with frame



Performance of the centrifugal mill: 4200kg/h

Electric achievement centrifugal mill: 5,5kW

Connection: 3/N/P 400 V

Protection: 16A

Length: 720 mm
Width: 690 mm
Height: 1440 mm

Height with frame: 1440mm

Throw in high: 1440mm

Weight: 70kg

Weight with frame: 60kg

Material: 1.4301 / AISI 304 

Throw out high: 470mm

Scope of delivery: sieve 9mm



item number designation
100-0011-0550 RM5,5



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