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Bottle Steamer FD8


The bottle steamer has been developed for preheating and sterilizing the bottles before hot filling.

With a shaped casting fitting for the bottle, it is also guaranteed that the bottle mouth becomes perfectly clean and sterile.

For operating this device a steam generator is required.




Capacity: 8 bottles
Operation: manual
Rating: 300-700 bottles per hour
Standard adapter: VDF bottles 1 l
Electrical power rating: 0.8 kW
Electrical connection: 3-phase / N / PE 400 V AC 50 Hz
Electrical connector: CEE 5 pole 16 A
Mains cable: approx. 5 m
Fusing: 16 A
Amount of steam required: 15 kg per hour (TD9)
Weight: 140 kg
Length: 850 mm
Width: 850 mm
Height: 1350 mm



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item number designation
100-0009-0080 FD8





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